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Petroleum Enfineering

Main results

  • Rongxian Helium Extraction Project
  • Jingsu Shenghong Chemical Fiber Group
  • South East Oil field Branch of CNPC
  • Zhongyuan Oil Field Branch of Sinopec
  • Jingzhou Branch
  • East China Materials Storage base 
  • Ningxia Petrochemical Branch
  • Yumen Oil Field
  • Ningbo Oil Depot
  • Tuha Oil Field
  • Hetian Gas Field
  • Zhonghai LNG Co.Ltd.
  • South East Oil Field Branch
  • Nansha Bipi Oil Depot
  • Nanyueluotan Gas Field 
  • Gas Field Natural Gas Purifying Project
  • Wuyou Oil Depot Construction
  • Cold Gas liquefaction Equipment Co. Ltd.
  • North East International Co.Ltd.
  • Qingyang Petrochemical Group
  • Dushanzi Oil Reserve Project