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       Our Company is one of the enterprises which apply ERP system at the earliest in the pump industry. Moreover, the Company has vigorously promoted and applied production ideas, such as SS, JTT and group production over the years to operate and manage according to the standardized mode of production. In 2012,the Company won the title of "Mechanical industry management progress demonstration enterprise".                      The Company adopts a large number of high precision CNC machining equipment and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) to produce hardware, including multi- axis machining center, large CNC vertical lathe, numerical control line cutting machine, 2.5m floor type boring and milling machine, 8T dynamic balancing machine, wire-electrode cutting, plasma cutting machine, vibration aging equipment, and numerical control high frequency quenching equipment.                                                                              The Company adopts production mode of business unit and groups the similar products or market-consistency products into the same manufacturing department to assure refined products and dedicated production with respect to production organization.