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       The Company takes 1SO9001 quality assurance system as the core, starts from users' demand analysis and controls product R&D, design, modeling, casting, machining, assembly, detection and service so that the products can meet different needs of users. In addition, the Company grasps the two ends to bring along the middle during production, vigorously promotes the concept of quality control forward and won the title of "Shanghai Advance Unit for Quality Control".                                                        The Company establishes Quality Testing Department, Measuring & Physical Office and Test Station which are subordinate to quality assurance center to check and control various indicators of products and owns Confirmation of Measurement, and Grade B Comprehensive Assessment Certificate of Pump Inspection and Test.                                                                In the meantime, the Company boasts many advanced detection means and equipment, including coordinate measuring machine, handheld alloy analyzer, ultrasonic NDT equipment, upright metallurgical microscope, bearing vibration measurer, spectrum analyzer and helium mass spectrometer leak detector, etc.